Blackburn University Centre Sees Significant Increase in Student Course Satisfaction

Blackburn University Centre Sees Significant Increase in Student Course Satisfaction

Blackburn University Centre’s overall learner satisfaction has increased by almost 10%, according to the 2020 National Student Survey (NSS).

85.45% of the Feilden Street campus students were satisfied with the quality of their course and their overall learning experience, compared to 75.69% in 2019. The University Centre’s 85.45% sits over 3% above the national benchmark of 82.12%.

Blackburn University Centre has also experienced success in specific areas of the survey, for example, 85.41% of students agreed that they have received helpful comments on their work, almost 9% above the national benchmark of 76.66%.

In addition, 83.33% of students agreed that marking and assessment is fair, almost 10% above the national benchmark of 73.76%, while 82.67% agreed good advice was available to them when the needed to make study choices on their course; over 7% above the benchmark of 75.62%.

Dr Stephen Malone, Executive Dean of Higher Education at Blackburn University Centre, said: “A massive thank you must go to our hard-working students for their incredible commitment in these strange times and unprecedented circumstances. We’re so proud of their efforts during the learning from home period.

“A huge thank you to our staff for their efforts this year as well, all their hard work with the students has clearly paid off because we have improved our NSS scores significantly over the past year.

Blackburn University Centre has seen a significant upturn on the metrics around teaching, assessment and feedback, so well done again to the staff, particularly during these difficult times.”

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Source: *Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education, known outcomes, 2018.

21 Jul 2020, 10:42 AM