Blackburn College’s Talbot Archive Project Reunites Woman with Grandmother’s Photograph

Blackburn College’s Talbot Archive Project Reunites Woman with Grandmother’s Photograph

A local woman named Helen Bond has had an emotional reunion with an old photograph of her grandmother, after Blackburn College featured on an episode of BBC’S Flog It!

Helen, who is 83 years old, spotted the photo when watching the episode where Flog It! visited the College’s exhibition; which aired back in February.

As soon as she recognised the image of her grandmother, Margaret Ann Bond, Helen’s daughter-in-law Monika Kent immediately reached out to Blackburn College for a copy of the photo.

Peter Graham, Director of the College’s Talbot Archive Project, restored the photograph before sending it to Monika who was able to print a good quality replica for Helen to keep.

Peter said: “This image was one of the first that we scanned. All we knew was that it was called ‘Southport Sea Basket’ and was taken in 1950 by Wally Talbot.

“Following the television broadcast, Monika contacted us and we now have a name for the lady - Margaret Ann Bond. Margaret passed away in 1953, she sold shrimps on Blackburn Market for around 66 years and was a popular personality.

“A poem called ‘Th’ Owd Shrimp Lass’ was written in honour of Margaret for her funeral, her family have kindly sent us a copy.

“It is so important that we are able to do this and make connections with the family of the people in the images. The images should always serve the community for which they were created. In essence, it’s like the photos are going home.”

The Talbot Archive makes regular connections with families of people in its images and on several occasions has been able to meet some of the people in the images. Community involvement in the programme is a very important asset.

Since the broadcast of the Flog It! episode in which Blackburn College featured, Peter has received over 200 emails in relation to the content that was on show.

The Talbot Archive Project has a popular Facebook Group which you can join by clicking here.

26 Mar 2020, 13:40 PM