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Student Shinead Secures Work Through Apprenticeship Studied Around Family

Student Shinead Secures Work Through Apprenticeship Studied Around Family

Student Shinead Round secured a permanent, full-time job just six months into her apprenticeship.

Shinead, 35 from Lower Darwen, completed her 12-month Business and Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship whilst fitting the work and studies around her three young children and family commitments.

She now works in the HR department at Vape Dinner Lady, a role earned just six months into the apprenticeship she did with Blackburn College and Lance Mason.

Within the same 12 months of her apprenticeship, Shinead also achieved Functional Skills in English, Mathematics and ICT.

Shinead said: “My main goal from working is to always make sure my children have everything they need, but I remember working at John Lewis and the days were becoming repetitive so I started to want a new challenge – something fresh.

“My children were also asking for help with their homework and I realised that I couldn’t help as much as I wanted to. I said to my husband ‘I think I need to go back to education’.

“What made me go for the Business and Admin apprenticeship at Blackburn College was when I applied for a job at Co-op. They didn’t even offer me an interview because I didn’t have that many qualifications,” added Shinead.

“I applied for the apprenticeship straight away, went for the assessment and within two weeks I was offered a role in HR. Six months later I was offered a permanent contract and was even promoted during my apprenticeship the month after my contract! The people really took to me, they were supportive and I felt valued.”

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7 May 2020, 09:14 AM