University Centre’s Rachel Going the Extra Mile During Coronavirus Pandemic

University Centre’s Rachel Going the Extra Mile During Coronavirus Pandemic

University Centre at Blackburn College student Rachel White has been going the extra mile during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside her studies, Rachel, who is completing the BA (Hons) Contemporary Fashion degree, has been using her skills to create free of charge face masks for family, friends, people with underlying health conditions and key workers.

Working with equipment and materials from her home, she initially created face masks at the start of lockdown for family members who have underlying health conditions.

Rachel, 48 from Blackburn, is also one of many people in the area to sign-up as an NHS volunteer; helping to deliver shopping and prescriptions to vulnerable people.

Rachel said: “I was worried about members of my family, so I made them face masks from fabrics suited to them. I wasn’t sure if anybody would wear them, but they love them and still wear them now - that made me smile.

“I know they aren’t medical masks, but I didn’t make them for that reason. I made them so that people who are worried about their health can have some comfort in these strange times.”

Rachel added: “I then joined Facebook groups to learn how to create scrubs and masks for the NHS. I haven’t been needed yet but I’m ready if I am. There are so many people trying to help the NHS and rightly so.

“I still wanted to help other key workers, so I contacted Wm. Alty & Sons Funeral Services, asked if they needed any face masks and explained that they weren’t medical. They responded almost immediately and were so thankful.

“They ordered over 30 masks whilst waiting for a delayed order they had made from elsewhere. Their response was that they loved them and felt more confident at work. In every email, they offered to pay, but I said it wasn’t about the money – it’s about trying to keep people safe.”

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20 May 2020, 12:47 PM