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Inspirational Sameema Battles Health Conditions to Pass GCSE Maths

Inspirational Sameema Battles Health Conditions to Pass GCSE Maths

Blackburn College student Sameema Choudhry is inspiring adult learners after passing her GCSE Mathematics despite battling health conditions.

Sameema, 36 from Blackburn, achieved Grade 5 in her GCSE Maths 20 years after leaving Pleckgate High School. She has a type of epilepsy where she often has seizures that cause memory loss, which means learning for exams can be difficult.

In January 2019, Sameema suffered a traumatic head injury because of a seizure and was rushed to Preston Hospital. She also suffers from postictal delirium after her seizures, which often causes confusion and a reduced awareness of the environment.

Despite this mountain of challenges, Sameema never gave up. While working as a Teaching Assistant, she added her Maths GCSE to her already impressive bank of Qualifications, which includes a Degree in Advanced Early Years and IT.

Receiving her grade alongside her niece and nephew, Sameema said: “We are all extremely proud of one another and I am proud to have achieved my grade, it is more than what I expected.

“One has to have faith in themselves to pursue their goals or dreams. It is very difficult for some people to understand what a person with an invisible illness such as epilepsy goes through. People often judge others without a thought.

“Epilepsy is not just a seizure; there are many types not just one. It’s the lack of control, sudden onset, worried family and friends, memory loss, dizziness, the jerks, pain, headaches, confusion, nausea and more.”

She added: “I hope I can inspire others that giving up is not an option no matter what your age or condition is. I want to write a book about my experience.”

Her next step is to complete her English GCSE as she decides whether to go into Teaching or Nursing.

8 Oct 2020, 15:51 PM