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Published Book for Former Blackburn College Art & Design Student Matilde


Former Blackburn University Centre student Matilde Tomat has seen her book ‘A Thousand Names’ published.

Matilde studied the Art and Design Foundation Diploma (UAL) at the College’s University Centre and has previously written five books.

However, ‘A Thousand Names’ was also used as part of Matilde’s Final Major Project.

Students who complete Blackburn University Centre’s Art and Design Foundation Diploma (UAL) are guaranteed an interview at all the esteemed University of the Arts London universities across the country.

Speaking about her new book, Matilde, 52, said: “This book is the story of a grieving woman who decides to leave everything and everybody to move to a large house by the sea and wait for her life to end.

When even death snubs herthe only thing left for her to do is to use her pain to grow and understand what really matters in her life. Thbook is, of course, intense and I wrote it on purpose as an almost internal monologue.

I touch on existential topics such as death and purpose in life, but I am also an existential psychotherapist by vocation, so this work allowed me to merge art with therapy.

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*2020 National Student Survey (NSS) Results

14 Sep 2020, 09:11 AM