Blackburn College ESOL Learner Daljeet is Lockdown Community Hero

Blackburn College ESOL Learner Daljeet is Lockdown Community HeroInspirational Blackburn College student Daljeet Sachdeva has been volunteering and giving back to the community during lockdown.

Originally from Afghanistan, Daljeet is an Asylum Seeker who currently studies the College’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course. In her spare time, she has been doing amazing voluntary work for charity YMCA Blackburn.

Through YMCA, Daljeet has been distributing food parcels, organising and hosting educational activity Zoom calls for children, keeping the community informed via the YMCA platforms, giving talks in schools and leading an International Women’s Day online event.

Daljeet, 21, said: “When I arrived in Blackburn I felt quite helpless because it was a new place for me and there was no one in the town who could help me with my paperwork. I went to YMCA for help and after a while they asked me if I would like to join as a volunteer – I went home to think about it and said yes the next day.

“Another reason I joined YMCA is because they are doing really good work to help others as much as they possibly can. I come from a country where people don’t get a lot of freedom, especially when it comes to women, so through YMCA I can be open minded and supportive. I have learned new things and I feel YMCA is the best place – I have been volunteering there for two years.”

She added: “I always remember my dad’s advice – he would say ‘Daljeet, no matter how cruel the world is, always try to do good work and help everyone’. This is the best advice anyone has ever given to me. I was very close to my dad so that’s why I will always follow his advice and footsteps.

“I help YMCA with organising meetings, virtual parties for Christmas and Eid, planning topics and giving presentations and passing on and communicating information to members. My first presentation was in Tauheedul Islam Boys’ school where I presented our initiative of food parcels for asylum seekers which the students embraced and donated to the collection.”

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20 Apr 2021, 08:33 AM