Former Blackburn University Centre law students help raise the bar


Three former Blackburn University Centre law students helped to inspire current law students after they returned to speak of their experiences in the industry. 

Amrita Govindji-Bruce, Les Cade and Sefton Miller spoke to students at the ‘Law Alumni Event – The Journey’ about their journeys from being law students at the University Centre, to become legal professionals. 

Following this, students had the chance to ask the speakers questions in a Q&A session.  

Sefton Miller, former LLB student who graduated in 2008 who is a partner at Blue Cross Helpline in Manchester said: “I feel humbled to have been asked to come in and speak to current students about my experiences of studying at Blackburn University Centre and what I have progressed on to. 

“It’s fantastic to see how much Blackburn College has developed and grown over the years, and I’ve been impressed with the students who attended the event, their knowledge and attitude was great.  

“I hope that the students have taken away the message that they need to work hard and believe in themselvesand if they do that, they will go on to be successful. 

Second year LLB Law student Maseeha Sidat, 20 from Blackburn said: “The event was really inspirational and motivational. It was really useful to get an insight into what we can expect from a career in Law and hear about where other Blackburn University students have progressed to. 

“What has been clear from hearing the speakers is that it is a very competitive discipline and that you need to have a lot of self-belief, but if you work hard you will be able to achieve your dream.” 

Law lecturer Wai Mo, who organised the event said: “The premise for organising the Law Alumni Event – The Journey was to illustrate to all current students, who are on a range of law courses - LLB/ LLM/ BA Business with Management, that success is waiting for them 

 “The three invited alumni clearly brought this alive with their journeys, but also told students about their trials and tribulations to get where they are currently. Overall, my desire was to inspire the current students that the world is theirs for the taking.” 

11 Nov 2021, 15:21 PM