US Army veteran hopes to inspire future generations of photographers


A US Army veteran is hoping to teach a future generation of photographers after being inspired by his university tutors.

Trisroy Best wants to follow in the footsteps of his tutors at Blackburn University Centre after he returned to education to pursue his passion in photography.

The 45-year-old from Blackburn, who grew up between Preston and the United States, says his life changed after enrolling on a BA (Hons) Photography degree, and now he wants to go into teaching to inspire others.

He said: “Since enrolling on the degree three years ago I have been really inspired by my tutors which has led me to wanting to go into teaching.

“I’ve had various careers including being in the US Army and more recently working in retail, but I’ve always felt that I was never fulfilled and that there was a piece of the puzzle missing.

“Since being a child, I have loved photography and often look back at the photos of myself that my family took through each year of my life – for me photography is about capturing our memories and our moments in time.

“About ten years ago I undertook a night class in BTEC Photography and since then I’ve wanted to pursue it further but with work and having children, I didn’t take the plunge until three years ago.

“My tutors have been really inspiring and encouraging, they made me believe in myself. After completing my degree, I want to go on to do a Masters and then go on to do a teaching qualification.”

Trisroy is currently showcasing his photography at Blackburn University Centre’s Annual Art and Design Degree Show 2022, which was launched on Friday night by fashion designer Wayne Hemingway at Blackburn College’s Victoria Building.

The show, which is being run until 17th June, showcases the talent and culmination of practice of degree students at Blackburn University Centre.

His exhibition work is based around his Catholic beliefs and features a series of eight photographs which show the miracles of Jesus in a modern context.

He added: “I wanted to base my work around Catholicism as I am a Catholic. I decided to look at putting a modern twist on the idea of the miracles of Jesus as this is usually only depicted in paintings. For example, one of my photographs shows braille to depict how Jesus helped to heal the man blind from birth.

“During the degree I’ve learnt a lot about the different photographic techniques and processes. As part of the work I’m showcasing for the Art and Design Degree Show, I’ve also learnt a lot more about famous artists, so it’s been really interesting.”

16 Jun 2022, 18:02 PM