We’re looking forward to you starting at Blackburn College and can’t wait to meet you when the time is right. In the meantime, we know you’ll be excited about starting a College course and thought may like to explore some different activities.

Our team have put together some activities that you can try right now!

Why not have a go in preparation for your College course?


  • Have you ever wondered how much energy or power is consumed by your Mobile phone? Get a pen, a paper and a calculator to calculate the power of your Mobile phone. Watch this video for aid. If you can, try to calculate the power of other electrical apparatus in your house using same power formula.
  • How an electric current is created? What is the relation between the Voltage, Current and Resistance? This short video will give you an idea.
  • Why the gravity is not affecting any falling objects in vacuum? Do heavier objects fall faster in vacuum? Let’s analyse the fundamental physics. Watch the video.
  • Presume you are a R&D Engineer. Your junior asked your help to fix the electronic circuit which isn’t working. Troubleshoot and find out why circuit isn’t working. Watch this video for help.



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