Health and Social Care

Your activity task is to create a wellbeing parcel to support someone who is living alone. You can draw and design your parcel, or if you prefer, create a real parcel and upload the image.

Select one of the following tasks for your wellbeing parcel.

The tasks are 1 to 3 (3 being the most challenging).

1. An activity parcel. This should contain different simple  activities that an older adult could do each day for mental health wellbeing. For example a puzzle. Provide an explanation of each activity

2. A health/emergency medical parcel. This should contain essential items that an older adult might need for personal care and first aid. Describe your items and why you have selected these

3. A nutritional/ food  parcel. This should contain the correct nutritional balance of food for one adult living alone , and should last one full week. Calculate the cost of your parcel

3a. Challenge yourself. Can you create some meal plans to support nutrition and healthy eating?

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