We’re looking forward to you starting at Blackburn College and can’t wait to meet you when the time is right. In the meantime, we know you’ll be excited about starting a College course and thought may like to explore some different activities.

Our team have put together some activities that you can try right now!

Why not have a go in preparation for your College course?

These activities all involve you looking and thinking about your own house!

Task 1

Take a look around your house. How many plumbing circuits can you find?

Task 2

Have a look at your boiler. Can you find the boiler energy output. What is it?

Task 3

Where does your cold water come from? If there is a storage tank in the loft I’ts an indirect system. If it comes from a pipe at ground level it’s a direct feed system. Which type does your house have?

Task 4

There are different materials used for plumbing pipework in homes today. How many different pipes does your house use?

Task 5

Watch this clip, his is a typical installation you will be able to complete within a few months of starting your course.


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