Welcome to Sport at Blackburn College.

We’re looking forward to you starting at Blackburn College and can’t wait to meet you when the time is right. In the meantime, we know you’ll be excited about starting a College course and thought may like to explore some different activities.

Meet The Team

Our team have put together some activities that you can try right now!

Why not have a go in preparation for your College course?

Task 1 - Nutrition

The Blackburn College Sports team challenge you, to create your own healthy meal/snack in 15 minutes.

Task 2 - Could you be the UK’s next trainer designer?

Draw your own design of a trainer or use a template from the internet.

Colour it in and then write a small paragraph to tell us:

  • What sport it is for and why have you chosen that sport?
  • How much you would charge people to buy it and why?
  • Why you have chosen the brand for your trainer or have you come up with your own?
  • Would you use a celebrity to advertise your product? If so who would it be and why?
  • How would you advertise your product and why you would chose this method?

Task 3 - Sports Drinks

The are many different type of Sports drinks on the market. But you can also make some very simply at home. Have a look at this leaflet and explore the Sports drinks you can make at home.