Rebecca Pearson – BA (Hons) Counselling

  • Studied: BA (Hons) Counselling

"I enjoyed the course immensely. I met some amazing people during my time at the University Centre at Blackburn College and went on an academic and personal journey of discovery. I learnt a lot about myself and achieved academic success after being out of education for 10 years and leaving school at 16.

"I particularly enjoyed the modules which focused on working with children and young people and cognitive behavioral therapy - I also loved doing my dissertation as it gave me chance to research something that really interested me and pushed me academically.

"The University Centre at Blackburn College has good facilities and everyone on campus was approachable and friendly. I would recommend the BA (Hons) Counselling course because I believe it is one of the most comprehensive courses for those wishing to go into integrative counselling. It is difficult to find other courses where you get an in-depth view of different modalities and work with children, young people and adults. It has opened many doors for me and although it was tough - it was well worth the effort!

"During my course, we were encouraged to undertake as much work experience and volunteering as we could. I completed a work placement with N-Compass on the Butterfly and Phoenix project which supports people who self-harm and I also continued volunteering with Trust House Lancashire who work with survivors of Sexual abuse and violence. I have recently become a trainer for Trust House leading continued professional development courses for other professionals.

"In the future, I would like to continue working with children and young people with a specific view of working with those who have experienced trauma. I would like to develop training for all professionals working with survivors of trauma and not just those in the counselling field. I have gained a place on a masters course stating next September to specialise in working therapeutically with trauma and am looking forward to further study."

""I particularly enjoyed the modules which focused on working with children and young people""