Caitlin Kavanagh Legal and Tax Consultant at Deloitte

Caitlin Kavanagh
I really enjoyed my time studying at Blackburn College

“When applying for jobs in preparation for finishing at university, Deloitte was my first choice. I had some tests and interviews which went well and I’m now thrilled to have been offered a job at the company and I will be moving to Jersey over the summer, ready to begin at Deloitte in August.

“Whilst working at Deloitte, I will become fully qualified in two years and in my career, I would love to work in London in intellectual property law. That’s a big reason as to why I liked Deloitte the most as they offer intellectual property services.

“When I found out I was so happy, my mum cried and so did Vicky Wood who was my tutor! I really enjoyed my time studying at Blackburn College, I have always been interested in law and enjoyed learning more about the subject at College.

“Visiting College today is the first time I’ve been back to College. The entrance to the Sixth Form has changed and looks great.

“If I could give advice to anybody that wants a career in law, you should go for it. Remember to stick at things if it gets tough, if you have some goals, keep thinking about them when it gets hard and you’ll reach them.”