"I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed studying Level 3 Hairdressing. Every day I have learned something new and that is all thanks to the most amazing tutor, Louise Parr."

Hafsa said: “I had a look at various Colleges brochures to see what they will teach whilst studying the Hairdressing course. Out of all the Hairdressing courses that different Colleges had to offer, I found Blackburn College’s more interesting to study.

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed studying Level 3 Hairdressing. Every day I have learned something new and that is all thanks to the most amazing tutorLouise Parr.

I had the opportunity to put my knowledge and skills that I had learned in my theory and practical lessons into practice when we had public salon day. I really enjoy colouring hair as I find it very therapeutic. Seeing the transformation of the before and after is so rewarding.

Louise made the whole learning experience funEvery day was a different day, I learned something new in every lesson and improved on the skills that I had learned.”

She added: “Attending Blackburn College has enabled me to gain valuable skills and knowledge that are required for someone to work in a hair salon. Public salon days were helpful as they enabled me to put my skills and knowledge into practice on real clients.

Receiving feedback from the clients at the end of the service was also helpful as it allowed me to improve and set new goals. Public salon days also allowed me to use initiative and enabled me to gain experience with a variety of clients who have different personalities, which was challenging at times as not every client is easy to please.

Louise is one of a kindthere are not many tutors out there like her. I cant thank Louise enough and I have told all the Level 1 and 2 students that if they have Louise as their tutor they are the luckiest students as she will teach them things that are extremely vital in the Hairdressing industry,” said Hafsa.

“If she feels that you are struggling on achieving a certain look she will go out of her way and teach you in a way that you will understand. If I had any issues, I would feel comfortable to tell her and she would help in any way that she could.

“I am now very confident doing clients hair on my own whereas when I first started the Level 3 course I had zero confidence and I didn’t know how to achieve certain looks such as cutting, colouring and hair-ups. I am very pleased that I did continue my education and went onto Level 3.

I am now planning on applying for and working at a hair salon. I would also like to go to University and complete my PGCE, so that I can become a Hairdressing teacher.