"During my two years on Game Art, I have been able to overcome some boundaries and challenges, but those challenges have enabled me to bloom into the woman I have become."

Katie-Louise said: I decided to study at Blackburn College because it was equally accommodating to all students with a wide range of disabilities, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Having a form of Autism and ADHD, I was welcomed with open arms and the tutors have been very accommodating with my disabilities.

My first course that I studied was Art and Design (UAL) Level 2, where I studied a range of techniques such as drawing, 3D work, animation and character design; which was used for my final major project.

The next course I studied was Games Art and Concepts (UAL) Level 3 Extended Diploma. I joined that course because I have been designing characters for as long as I can remember, and I wanted to learn more about the art of character development.

I studied a wide range of techniques, such as character development, animation and illustration, 3D character sculpture and digital media like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

She added: “The Games course has enabled me to have fantastic opportunities to participate in exhibitions and trips. Two of my best opportunities was volunteering for the British Textile Biennial in multiple exhibitions and travelling to New York with Blackburn College.

During my two years on Game Arthave been able to overcome some boundaries and challenges, but those challenges have enabled me to bloom into the woman I have become.

“This wouldn’t have happened if not for the support of my former class peers and members of staff that I have met in my three years at Blackburn College. Now, I will be progressing on to studying Foundation Art and Design part-time for two years, in order to get me ready for university.”