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The British Textile Biennial

The British Textile Biennial has commenced and Blackburn College and University Centre are involved in a big way!

Staff, students and alumni are front and centre at this monumental event – which runs from 3rd October 2019 to 3rd November 2019.

You’re invited – so don’t miss out some of the key highlights such as:

Adidas Spezial Exhibition

The evolution of adidas footwear past and present will be presented in all its glory at the ADIDAS SPEZIAL EXHIBITION in Blackburn’s magnificent Cotton Exchange.

Curated by Gary Aspden (adidas brand consultant and designer of the adidas SPEZIAL range), the exhibition features shoes from his personal archive alongside those of other fellow adidas collectors.

The showcase will feature over 1200 pairs of rare adidas trainers. Highlights of the exhibition will be numerous versions of the vintage adidas ‘City Series’ models with a full archive of the adidas SPEZIAL range.


Jamie Holman: Transform and Escape the Dogs

TRANSFORM AND ESCAPE THE DOGS is a series of new works by artist and University Centre lecturer Jamie Holman celebrating a history of radical gatherings where the working class youth of the north resisted, rejected and finally reclaimed the spaces that cotton made and then abandoned.

From Malkin Tower to Mill Hill; a defiant history of witches, hand loom poets, blacksmith painters, football casuals and pioneer film makers, challenges accepted notions of textiles heritage, and of those people and events that have shaped us.

These works propose a counter narrative of creativity, rebellion, and magic; exploring the real Industrial revolution, a revolution of the soul that seeks to remind us: ‘when we gather, we become powerful. We cannot be kept down.’

Aaron Dunleavy: Community Clothing

A new film collaboration between this award winning young film maker and designer Patrick Grant’s social enterprise Community Clothing, uncovering the lives of Blackburn’s textile factory workers from Cookson & Clegg and the lives of their families.

Blackburn College alumni Aaron Dunleavy is a filmmaker from Blackburn. His debut student short, Throw Me to the Dogs, won 10 awards on the festival circuit, with praise from Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle, screening at some of the most prestigious BAFTA and Oscar® qualifying festivals around the world.

Visit the British Textile Biennial website for a full list of activities or download the full Programme of Events.