• Studied: CMI level 7 in Strategic Management
"It was great going back to a campus and enjoying an adult learning style"

"I really did enjoy the course because there were a lot of times when I was outside of my comfort zone and this meant I was learning but also growing in my role at De La Rue (British banknote manufacturer). I started to see everything from a strategic level and this was something that was missing from my day to day operational role.

"My favourite part of the course was the interaction with both the students and tutors – through sharing experiences, we gained an insight into different perspectives including from the manufacturing and service industries. It was interesting to see a lot of synergy between the students own experiences.

"It was great going back to a campus and enjoying an adult learning style - this was a course where everyone in the classroom wanted to be there and put 100% in to every lesson. It was ultimately up to you to succeed but the tutors provided a good support structure if something went off plan. The tutors always made you believe that if you worked hard, there was no question that you wouldn’t pass.

"Since finishing the programme, I am still in Operations but the course has given me the confidence to improve on my strategic plan and understand further, the wider strategic plans of the business I work for. It also taught me that if my team do not know what the strategy is, then we are not going to achieve any short, medium or long term goals. My Personnel development programme has changed significantly since completing the course.

"The CMI Level 7 programme has given me the confidence to run a site in the future and think strategically about the business rather than through a narrow micro view. I am now a much more effective manager as I look at everything from all perspectives rather than just my own.

"I would recommend studying at the University Centre at Blackburn College as it allows adults to be adults and learn from each other’s experiences, irrespective of background or personal views. The course timetable was structured in a way that ensured that if we worked hard we would succeed, the campus itself was easy to get to and the facilities were sufficient for what we required."