"I feel empowered by the opportunities available to me"

“I chose to study at Blackburn College because of the convenient location. As I’m based in Barnoldswick, the drive to Blackburn was a lot better than other destinations such as Manchester.”

“The BA (Hons) Fine Art degree has allowed me to meet a range of new people. Getting to know my tutors and fellow students has been the most enjoyable aspect of my time here at Blackburn College.”

“Blackburn College has prepared me for my future career in a number of ways. I’ve taken part in volunteering opportunities and had a hand at contributing to paid commissions. I’ve even taught workshops in the community and been involved in major local festivals like the Festival of Light and the National Festival of Making! All of this has provided me with real-world experience.”

“The great thing about the tutors at Blackburn College is their ability to really open your eyes to the endless possibilities and avenues available following your degree. From commissions to community work; festivals to teaching; art therapy to postgraduate studies – I feel empowered by the opportunities available to me.

“My plan going forward is to go into business for myself and I already have a unit space ready.”