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Want to find out more about Blackburn University Centre? This section of the site will let you get more information on specific areas if you need it.

Wider Information Set (WIS)

The Wider Information Set (WIS) is designed to inform you about the quality of Higher Education, and in particular, help provide you with information that will help you make a choice about what and where to study.

SET for Teaching Success Programme

The SET for Teaching Success programme was set up to recruit, train, mentor and support new teachers of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), with a focus on technical education.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Find out everything you need to know about Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Blackburn University Centre.

Important documents for Higher Education students

This section features Important documents for Higher Education students and features our Student Agreement, our Tuition Fee Policy and our Complaints Procedure. 


Get the latest information on Graduation.

University News & Student Stories