Guest Tickets

All guests admitted to the graduation ceremony must be in possession of a ticket or you will not be permitted to enter. Each student attending their graduation ceremony is entitled to TWO guest tickets free of charge (graduating students will receive their own separate graduand ticket).

Graduation ceremonies are formal, lengthy events and experience has shown that children can become bored and restless. However, we appreciate that it is not always possible to make alternative childcare arrangements and therefor children are permitted to attend. Children over 2 must have their own guest ticket and be accompanied by an adult guest (not a graduand). Children under 2 do not need a ticket and can sit on a guest’s knee. If you wish them to have their own seat then they must have a ticket.  Under no circumstances are children allowed to sit with graduates. Please note there are no childcare facilities at King George’s Hall and prams and buggies are not permitted in the Hall and there is no storage.

Please note that on the day latecomers to the ceremony, including guests, will not be permitted entry under any circumstances as this will disrupt the formality of the proceedings.

Extra Guest Tickets

Usually we offer graduates the opportunity to buy extra guests tickets (in addition to their allocated to) depending on availability. Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19 restrictions we have taken the decision that at this time we will not be offering extra guest tickets for sale. We will of course update graduates if there will be extra guest tickets for sale and further details will be provided. 

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