Graduation 2021 Livestream

If you have more guests than tickets, or young children for whom the ceremony is not suitable, they are welcome to attend the live screening in the University Centre Lecture Theatre. This is not ticketed but seats are limited. The live screening is more informal so it is more suited to young children.

If you have family or friends who are unable to attend on the day then they will be able to stream the ceremony from here.

Please note that due to the wireless technology available in King George's Hall, the quality of the live stream may vary and there may be unforeseen technical issues.

Livestream Schedule

The livestream will run from approximately 10.40am in the morning, until 7pm in the evening.

Below are the series of events and approxitmate times throughout the day.

10.40am 20 mins Livestream starting soon
11am 1 hour 30 mins Ceremony starts
12.30pm   Ceremony ends
2.10pm 20 mins Ceremony starting soon
2.30pm 1 hour 30mins Ceremony starts
4pm   Ceremony ends
4.40pm 20 mins Ceremony starting soon
5pm 1 hour 30 mins Ceremony starts
6.30pm   Ceremony ends
7pm 10 mins Thank you for joining us - livestream ends