Student Engagement Team

The team are here to ensure that you are happy at UCBC and engaged successfully with your studies. We provide pastoral support, offering advice and techniques to cope with the common pressures associated with studying at higher education level.

Student Engagement Team offer advice on the following topics:

Assignment writing at degree level

Advice will be provided in relation to the structuring of assignments/reports and essays.

Research Skills

Students will be provided with information on how to research and find valid and relevant sources.

Presentation skills

Guidance will be available on the use of e.g. PowerPoint and Prezi to develop visual presentations.

Help with referencing

Students will be provided with guidance hand-outs to refer to in relation to referencing.

Organisational and team management skills

Students will receive direction on systematic approaches to organisation.

Assistance will be provided in relation to using diary systems to manage time and develop a study/life balance. General strategies will be presented to plan and make more effective use of time.

Exam preparation:

Covering top tips to prepare for and maximise the students’ performance in examinations. The focus will be on practical advice as well as dealing with emotional and psychological factors.

Meet the Student Engagement Team:

Becky Skarratts

Head of Student Support

T: 01254 292202

M: 07581 027932

Gemma Irving

HE Student Engagement Co-ordinator

T: 01254 292895

M: 07794 492561

Terry King

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292144

M: 07971 275298

Jacqueline Rimmer

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292829

M: 07961 298531

Zara Eccles

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292423

M: 07960 062741