Full-Time Finance Information (2022 Entry)

Eligible UK (home) and EU students will be able to borrow the full cost of their tuition fees from the Government as a Tuition Fee Loan. This money is paid directly to the College on the your behalf, you only repay this loan once you have finished university and are earning over £26,575 a year.

Tuition Fees

For full-time students starting their courses from September 2022, Blackburn University Centre will charge a fee of £8,250 per annum for full-time HNC/HND, Foundation Degrees and Degree Courses.

The full-time PGCE (Education & Training) fee will be £6,250.

Full-time students studying the postgraduate LLM Masters in Law will be charged £5,400.

Full-time students starting a Foundation Entry degree course will be charged £4,900 in the first year of their course. In the later years of the course, fees charged will be the same as for degree courses in that year of entry.

For students studying a degree with Industry Year, fees equivalent to 10% (£825) of the standard fee will be charged for the Industry Year. This is for year 3 of the 4 year degree only.

This annual fee is subject to change for students starting in later years. Similarly, Government financial support will also change for students starting in later years. 

Tuition Fee Loans

Eligible students (Home/EU) will be able to borrow the full cost of tuition from the Government in the form of a Tuition Fee Loan.

Government Support

Government support for living costs is available to UK (home) students in the form of a Maintenance Loan. Additional financial support is also available depending on your personal circumstances. See Loans and Grants for more information.

Maintenance Loans

  • For those starting full-time studies in September 2022, up to £9,203 per annum available for students who live away from home whilst studying at Blackburn University Centre
  • Up to £7,747 per annum is expected to be available for students who live in their family home whilst studying at Blackburn University Centre

Loan Repayments

The amount graduates pay each month is related to what a graduate earns and not what a graduate owes.

  • You will only be required to start paying back loans once you have graduated from (or left) university and are earning over £26,575.  
  • For example, if you earn £27,000 a year you will only pay back £3 per month.
  • Loan repayments will be deducted directly from salary, normally through Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
  • Any loans which remain outstanding after 40 years will be written off.

Help & Support

At Blackburn University Centre we can help you apply for Student Finance and discuss with you on an individual basis what funding you might be entitled to.

Please contact our Student Finance team on 01254 292839 or email studentfinance@blackburn.ac.uk to make an appointment.

Disclaimer: These figures apply to the entry years stated and may be subject to increases in subsequent years of your course.