UCBC Student Success Fund

Does your course offer extra-curricular activities? Are there events that you want to attend? Do you often struggle to find the money to participate?

University Centre at Blackburn College (UCBC) is currently offering the 'Student Success Fund’. This fund has been set up to help support students succeed whilst studying at UCBC.

The Student Success Fund is a fund that students can apply to (via one or multiple applications) in order to receive a grant of up to £1000.

Students that have applied for funding in the past have been granted the funding for activities such as:

  • Fashion students applied for funding to support them with Fashion Internships in America
  • Construction students applied for funding to support them while they participated in a work placement with one of the leading Construction businesses in the industry.
  • Other students have used the money to attend subject related conferences and events. Or used the funding to support them in gaining industry recognised qualifications.

The funding can also be used for:

  • Trips/ Team Building activities
  • Purchasing specialist equipment for your subject area
  • Travel costs to and from work placements
  • Activities to support your learning (e.g. conference attendance/mentoring opportunities etc.)

How to apply:

To apply for the Student Success Fund, you will need to complete an application form which is a competitive process. 

You must first meet the entry requirements:

  • You must be enrolled on a HE course
  • You must have satisfactory attendance
  • Have submitted all work due
  • Be in good standing with the College and not owe any money.

If you meet these requirements then download the application form, complete all areas and provide a full breakdown of what the money will be used for.

Once completed return the application form to ssf@blackburn.ac.uk

Entry Requirements

For the period between the qualifying dates (inclusive) for each of the payments, you must:

Have satisfactory attendance, defined as:

  • attendance at 90% or more of timetabled events for the particular programme of study, after adjustment for authorised absences and/or illness;
  • attendance at 75% or more of timetabled events for the particular programme of study, before adjustment for authorised absences and/or illness;
  • no event showing more than 3 consecutive unauthorised absences

Have submitted all work due, defined as:

  • Attendance at all examinations, in-class exercises or other summative assessment event
  • Submission of all assessments due
  • For these purposes, the due date for an assessment will be taken to be the later of:
  • The original due date set for the assessment
  • The due date after any extension agreed in writing by the relevant Programme Leader.
  • Any revised due date set by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee

Be in good standing, defined as:

  • Not have withdrawn or transferred from the course
  • Not be excluded from the course or the College for financial, disciplinary or other reasons
  • Having paid all monies owed to the College in accordance with any agreed payment plan.

For more information:

Email: ssf@blackburn.ac.uk

Phone: 01254 292895