Part-time finance information (2017 entry)

If you wish to commence studying a part-time higher education course in September 2017, you will be charged per module. The price charged for each module depends on the number of credits that your module is worth to your overall qualification. This could mean you pay more for some modules than you do for others.

Overall, however, the numbers of credits in a year will not exceed 120. Even if you pay more for a certain module, you will not pay more overall for your course than someone on a different part-time higher education course.

The vast majority of modules at UCBC are 15 Unit (Credit) modules – the standard price that students therefore pay per module at UCBC is £700. This fee is subject to change for those with different years of entry.  

For reference, part time fees for different module sizes are shown in the table below:

Module SizeModule Price
10 Credits £467
15 Credits £700
20 Credits £933
30 Credits £1400
40 Credits £1867
50 Credits £2333
60 Credits £2800

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Unsure about how much your fees are going to be?

Please contact Student Finance, by phoning 01254 292839 or view the Programme Specification for your course – available on the course information pages. The Programme Specification will detail the number of credits for each module you will undertake.

How do part-time fees compare to full-time fees?

Part-time students do not pay equivalent amounts to full-time students. If you were to study on a Foundation Degree full-time you would more than likely complete 16 modules over 2 years, each module being worth 15 credits. This would equate to a total part-time cost of £11,200 over four years (16 x £700 = £11,200) whereas a full-time student would pay £16,500 for equivalent two years full-time study in 2017. It will take you longer to complete your course if you study part-time and it will therefore be longer before you earn more in a graduate level job.

We recommend to all students that part-time study should be undertaken only if the full-time study isn’t suitable due to other commitments.

Applying for Finance – Part-Time Students

New part-time students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan. A Tuition Fee Loan simply covers the cost of your studies. You can get a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the full amount of your studies – or part of the tuition fees if you already have some money you wish to put towards a certain module. The ability to get a Tuition Fee Loan doesn’t depend on your household income, but there are other eligibility criteria.

Please note: Part-time students can only receive a Tuition Fee Loan. You are not eligible to apply for a Maintenance Grant or Maintenance Loan.

Applying for Finance – Part-Time Students

You will only start to repay your tuition fee after you have left Higher Education and are earning at least £21,000 a year. You will only start repaying in the April after you leave Higher Education, even if you already earn over £21,000. Repayments will be 9% of income above £21,000, so the amount repaid each month will depend on what you earn. So, if you earn £21,500 you’d only repay 9% against the £500. This means that if you earn £21,500 – you’d initially make repayments of just £4 a month!

Student Loan Repayment

Help & Support

At University Centre at Blackburn College we can help you apply for Student Finance and discuss with you on an individual basis what funding you might be entitled to. Please contact our Student Finance team on 01254 292839 or email to make an appointment.

Disclaimer: These figures apply to the entry years stated and may be subject to increases in subsequent years of your course.