Degrees with Foundation Entry

The University Centre at Blackburn College offers a built-in Foundation Entry year for many three-year Honours degrees.

What is 'Foundation Entry'?

'Foundation Entry' degree courses are designed for students who want to study for a degree, but don’t have the necessary formal qualifications to start a three-year, full-time Honours degree programme just yet.

This makes our 'Foundation Entry' degree courses ideal if:

  • You’re struggling to get the grades you need to enter the Honours degree course
  • You’ve chosen subjects at BTEC or A Level that aren’t appropriate for the degree you want to do
  • You’ve been out of education for more than 5 years and want a bit more time to settle in and build up your knowledge of a subject.

We recognise that for mature students you may have concerns about starting a degree programme and the level of work that might be required. Our 'Foundation Entry' route could help as you will get extra tuition and more time to prepare for your Honours degree.

Why should I do this route?

'Foundation Entry' will give you the skills and confidence to succeed at Honours degree level, whilst enjoying a full University experience from day one.

You will receive extra support to help with your transition to University life and the extra year is intended to ensure you are successful as you progress to the later stages of the Honours degree.

How long does it take?

'Foundation Entry' adds a year on to your Honours degree. This means it will take you four years in total to achieve your Honours degree.

During this time you will be able to gain funding for your course and will be eligible for Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans and other financial support such as support for childcare or disabilities. As with all Higher Education qualifications you do not have to pay anything upfront.

How will I be taught?

You’ll be taught by a mixture of lectures, seminars and tutorials and will take part in a range of assessment activities including group work and individual assignments. This will be just like studying on an Honours degree course and will provide a great introduction to your following three years of study.

Will my employer know I studied a 'Foundation Entry' degree?

When you graduate from your degree, your certificate will not mention 'Foundation Entry'. It will simply say you have achieved an Honours degree. It will be therefore up to you if you wish to tell your future employer. Your grade transcript will however include your 'Foundation Entry' year. The extra year of study means you will be more likely to be better prepared and therefore more successful in your Honours degree. As such you will be more likely to achieve a higher degree classification such as a 2:1 or a First Class Honours.

How do I apply?

Applications are made through UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) as well as through our own online application form. Applications can be made at any time of year.

If you have already applied to University this year but have not secured an offer – you can apply through UCAS Extra for a 'Foundation Entry' degree course as well as our other degree programmes.

If you are currently studying and your results in July or August are not what you expected – you can apply through UCAS Clearing for a 'Foundation Entry' degree course as well as our other degree courses.

We welcome applications from mature students returning to study.

Important Information

Please note: the best route to a degree for you may depend on your chosen subject, your age and your financial circumstances.  Please phone 01254 29 29 29 or email for more information. If you are unsure of your options, our dedicated team of advisors are happy to help.