Joint Honours Degrees

Joint Honours degrees at the University Centre at Blackburn College allow you to study two separate subjects to Honours level at the same time.

Our Joint Honours degrees reach the same level as our other Honours degrees, but you will study fewer modules within each subject to allow you to study two different subject areas.

You could choose to study the following subjects in any combination: English Language; English Literature; History; Politics and Sociology. 

All our Joint Honours degrees are awarded by UK Top 10 Lancaster University.

Why choose Joint Honours?

  • Joint Honours are ideal if you enjoyed studying to subjects previously and want to carry on with those subjects at degree level
  • You can study two subjects to help keep your career options open, or focus on the two subjects needed for a specific job.
  • Employers like Joint Honours degrees as you develop different knowledge and skills across the two disciplines. Studying two subjects will help you prepare for a competitive employment market by developing a wider range of skills
  • You will enjoy access to exactly the same academic and support services as other degree students.