New Courses for September 2021

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At Blackburn University Centre, we are continually developing courses that allow you to pursue the career of your dreams. All our courses are designed with a strong focus on employability. Because of this, we upgrade our curriculum to ensure it is exactly what top employers are looking for.

We have a range of exciting new courses currently under development for September 2021  subject to validation from our university partners.

Business, Finance and Law



Creative and Digital


What does 'Subject to Validation' mean?

Courses listed above are Subject to Validation or Revalidation. This means they are still in the process of being developed or modified with our University Partners. Subject to Validation denotes a brand new course, while Subject to Revalidation signifies changes to an existing programme we are already running.

For all courses, admissions requirements, course content and course delivery can be subject to change to enable Blackburn University Centre to deliver a better educational experience to students enrolled on our programmes.

These changes can be in response to various factors including: student feedback; reports from External Examiners; feedback from the sector or industry professionals; legal and regulatory requirements; change in theory or practice in the field of study; or as part of the regular review process by our course teams.

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