Kit and Uniform

For some courses you will need specific items of Kit and Uniform. These differ depending on the course you wish to study. Please note: some courses have no Kit and Uniform requirements.

Courses in Hair, Beauty, Hospitality, Health and Social Care, Early Years and Sport

For courses in Catering and Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Early Years, Health and Social Care and Sport, you  will be given a uniform during the first weeks of term.

In the first weeks you will be able to choose the relevant size for you and the Kit and Uniform will then be delivered to the College to be distributed directly to you.

Courses in Construction, Engineering, Electrical Installation and Motor Vehicle

These courses require specific items of safety kit whilst in a workshop environment.

It’s important that you have these items ready for the start of your course so you are prepared for learning from the very beginning of your journey with us. This year, Blackburn College have teamed up with Safety Warehouse, a local safety wear company, to secure competitive prices on high quality products for you.

The link below will take you through to a Blackburn College dedicated page of the Safety Warehouse website where you can order and pay for the items you wish to purchase. These items will then be delivered to Blackburn College and distributed to you by your course technician. In order to ensure you receive your safety wear during the first two weeks of term we asking you to ensure you have completed your order by Friday 20th August 2021.

When ordering your safety wear please click on the relevant course section as this will ensure you are ordering from the correct range of items as this differs from course to course. For most courses there are both mandatory and optional items, please bear this in mind when placing your order.

Visit Safety Warehouse 

If you have missed the 20th August deadline for ordering, don’t worry! You can still order your kit it just means it will be delivered later and may not be ready for the start of term. We therefore encourage you to order as soon as possible.  

Please note it is not compulsory to order your kit through Safety Warehouse. We are happy for you to purchase your safety kit elsewhere if you prefer.

If you have any questions about what kit you might need, please speak to your Blackburn College key contact. Alternatively please contact Safety Warehouse on 01254 397111 if you have any questions specific to the safety wear items they have available.