Microsoft Teams

Get to know exactly how Microsoft Teams works.

Why Microsoft Teams is important

Remote leaning and virtual classrooms will be carried out via Microsoft Teams.

Make sure you have access to your account on your phone or personal device by downloading the relevant app for your device or use Microsoft Teams Online on a supported device.

How to access Microsoft Teams

To access Microsoft Teams, simply go to and click on Staff & Students and then Microsoft Teams.

Your login is your student number 12345678 followed by If you aren’t sure what your ID number is, it is printed on your Student ID card.

Your default password is your first initial as a capital letter, then the initial of you surname in lowercase, followed by your date of birth in 8 digits 01092000. So if your name is Joe Bloggs and your date of birth is 1st September 2000 your password would be Jb01092000. If your password has been changed by yourself / Library / IT then please use that password.