Net-Zero Plan


2022 marks the start of Blackburn College’s journey to develop a ‘road map’ to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

Interim Targets

  1. Implement initial plan to address sustainability by 2023
  2. Established sustainability system in place by 2025
  3. Leader to FE industry on sustainability by 2028
  4. 50% net-zero reduction by 2030
  5. 75% net-zero reduction by 2040

2022/23 Objective

Begin to address sustainability across the operational and curricular areas, and implement an approach to environmental and climate change impact

Progress Report

Understand student and staff views on sustainability and the appetite for change Pending
Student and staff awareness of climate change and are ‘carbon literate’ Pending
Create Sustainability Policy Statement Achieved
Establish carbon footprint baseline for scope 1 and scope 2 emissions Pending
Reduce energy use and understand impact on campus carbon footprint Ongoing
Recycling opportunities for each building on campus Ongoing
Access to sustainable food choices Ongoing
Establish Sustainability Committee Achieved

Addressing Climate Action KPIs / Timeline 2022/23

Established Committee December 2021
Recycling Opportunities January 2022
Sustainable Food Choices March 2022
Energy Initiatives June 2022
Policy Approved August 2022
Survey Conducted October 2022
Record Waste Performance November 2022
Certified Carbon Literate January 2023
Baseline Performance Metrics July 2023
Review Objective August 2023

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